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[IP] airports and pumps

Pam wrote
>  I am always concerned about my pump and the metal detector going 
> off.  My experience has been that my underwire bra, not my pump sets 

I have taken 14 trips (business and personal) in the last 12 months alone, 
which means at least 28 airport screenings, not counting the times I went out 
more than once to go back to Starbucks.....and none of mine have been out of 
the country, so I can't speak to that....but....

Not ONCE has the metal detector gone off.  My airports include Laguardia, 
both  Houston airports, LAX, Oakland, Charlotte, Midway, Grand Rapids, 
Atlanta, Phoenix, Tucson, Orange County, Indianapolis, San Diego, Mobile, 
Minneapolis and a couple othres, i think....There is no WAY I would even 
THINK of disconnecting and sending my INSULIN PUMP through an xray machine!!! 
 If it is harmful to high speed film and small infants, then I don't want it 
near my LIFE SUSTAINING pump  Besides, it is tough enough having to juggle 
the water bottle, voat, backpack, ID, ticket and then extricate the laptop!  
Twice i have left something behind and both times never recovered them.

As I approach the first governement 'droid, I push the pump down in my 
pocket.  uh...and an admission...i also don't take off my 
pedometer...oops...my bad   Every so often I don't have pockets and if my 
shirt doesn't quite cover the electric yellow case, the guy standing at the 
little tunnel will TELL me to remove my cell phone.  usually in a snotty tone 
of voice (like how could this DUMB ass not read the instructions about 
putting cell phones in the baskets....) and then I TELL him it wasn't a cell 
phone (you dumb ass), it is an insulin pump and it does NOT come off.  Those 
times, I get wanded and patted down, and you KNOW I love that...Once in 
Tucson, I was asked, "Do You Mind If I Search You?"   naturally, I said YES! 
Her eyes got real big and she called over the head dude...."she won't let me 
search her," the little idiot said.  "You can't go through if you don't 
comply" said the head honcho.  "Excuse me," I said, "but she ASKED, did I 
MIND, and I said YES...I did NOT say she could NOT search me."   duhhhhhhh

My syringes have only been questioned once...in LAX when I had LEFT my ticket 
the xray machine in all the confusion.  I was waiting at the counter while 
the flight boarded, patiently waiting for the girl to look at me and ask if 
she could help me.  Instead she  gets on the PA system and says in a real 
annoyed voice "Passenger Falconer, your flight is departing, you need to be 
on board..." I wave my ID in her face...hello I have been standing here for 
10 minutes to get a new ticket....(which goes out over the PA, cuz she still 
has the burron pushed), so she has instant attitude against me anyway, and of 
course she sends me to the search line...and of course SHE is the one doing 
it...she decides I am her TARGET for the day and she goes through EVERY 
thing...She has a huge fuss with the syringes...calls for security, blah blah 
blah...i am just sitting there waiting for her to get over her fit - my 
insulin bottles are labeled for god's sake...finally security comes over, 
looks at my insulin bottles and waves me on...the entire plane had to wait 
for her

The ONLY other time I have ever had to show an insulin bottle with a 
prescription label on it was when, after going through the secrity screening, 
and watching in amusement as people took off their shoes and lifted their 
arms and acted like little lemmings, i walked over to the head guy (he is the 
one who sits in a chair and watches everyone else through half closed 
eyes...i want his job), and asked HOW the screeners "knew" people had 
prescriptions for their syringes.  he said, "if they see syinges in someone's 
bag, they will ask to see it."  I told him my little lacky hadn't asked for 
mine.  His eyebrows shot up...he asked to see them (4 1/3 cc syringes and 4 
big ass needle reservoirs),  then he looked at the labeled prescription 
bottle...then he asked to see my ID to compare the name...."thank you Miss 
falconer." and he walked off.....hope i didn't make it tough on the next 
diabetic walking through!

i have often overheard diabetics VOLUNTEETING the information that they have 
syringes...they are then hauled over to the side, patted down, searched, made 
to show documentation.  If that isn't a violation of my ADA protected, not to 
mention CONSTITUTIONAL rights, then I don't know what is!  If they ASK, I 
will tell.  If they don't, why should I?  

> Pam wrote
> have difficulty explaining that it is an insulin pump 

I would suggest having that written in the language of the country you are 
traveling to and carrying that with you at all times.  I can explain 
everything about my insulin pump in french, but if I was going somewhere i 
didn't speak the language, I would get it written out, checked for accuracy 
(ie don't let your 3rd year spanish student do it for you...) and carry it at 
all times.  

> carry a doctor's note?  

I have them, but apparently they are not recommended as they can be so easily 
forged, same with written prescriptions..better to have teh label ON your 
prescriptions...ie insulin boxes.

> It is a real pain to take it off, put it on suspend, and send it through 
the x-ray

well if you are gonna take it off, why bother putting it on suspend?  it is 
only gonna be gone a second, unless you are like me and leave things in the 
buckets.....One day, I am gonna put the canula as far down on my leg as I can 
stand it, then go to the airport and have to take my pants off to get to the 
disconnect place...heheheh...I will let you all know when and where, in case 
you wanna come watch the show!!

Sara SP AZ
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