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Re: [IP] Re: question for the veterans.

In a message dated 9/8/02 2:28:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> >What kind of blood sugars did you have when they tested you at the doctor's
> >office?  What did they tell you was a good number?  Did they think then 
> that a
> >single blood sugar was an indication of overall control or were they just 
> doing
> >"the best they could"?
> Even though they reported the numbers to me, the numbers never meant
> anything to me, so my memory of them is long gone. I didn't learn how to
> interpret BG numbers until I began home BG testing in 1982, so I had been
> given almost 40 years worth of fasting BG numbers that had meant nothing to
> me. Even if someone tried to teach me how to interpret the numbers, the 
> time
> between BG tests was so great that I forgot it between tests. I guess the
> doctors sometimes suggested an increase or decrease in insulin dosage based
> on those BG tests, which I sometimes followed and sometimes ignored.
> Since those BG tests at the doctor's office were always required to be
> fasting tests, I think many of the doctors treated those results as an
> indication of overall control. I think that "doing the best they could"
> applied more to urine tests.
> Tom Beatson
> dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000


----------------------------------                 I recall lab test's I had 
at Joslin in Boston less than fondly. In the early 50's I put up such a stink 
at the DR drawing blood from my arm they allowed me to go to the lab. I would 
sit on a stool and a tech would draw the blood from my ear. They had a long 
glass tube they would squeeze the ear and fill the glass tube. I also recall 
DR Krall reviewing all my tests my Mother kept a chart of what color or + 
reading I had each morning. The DR would adjust my dose by 2 units up or down 
as needed. I agree with Jan about the old days. Roger Campbell (dx 12/1/47 pm 
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