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[IP] Re: Scott , dating and diabetics

Scott and others,
I am so sorry for your atrocious childhood experiences that are now spilling 
into adulthood.
This thread caused me to think back to when I met my husband and how he 
learned I had diabetes. I couldn't even remember. He couldn't remember 
either. That's how little of a deal it was. I guess I can count myself as 
lucky. And the fact that it wasn't a big deal doesn't mean he's aloof about 
it. He is my greatest support and I'm constantly amazed at his balance of 
understanding that diabetes is serious, yet it isn't a really big deal that 
has to overshadow our lives.  
I think more education is always a good thing and can lead to some progress 
with some people. However, I do think people are sometimes just the way they 
are no matter what. There's always going to be a segment of the population 
who just simply doesn't want to be associated with people who are different, 
whether that means by race, religion or illness. Call me a curmudgeon, but 
this is just what I've observed.
I don't think this should stop any of us from continuing our efforts on our 
own or in groups to educate more people about diabetes and the people who 
live with it, and live very full and interesting lives with it.
Those who don't accept our education are just missing out.
On the brighter side, I have met many people since pumping that are so cool 
about asking questions and they react really positively. I've even had people 
get kind of silly and laugh and ask what I do with it when I have sex. Some 
people might not like that, but I am comfortable with the questions and 
actually feel like people see me as more normal when they are so comfortable 
asking. They are more impressed and interested than anything. I also believe 
geographic location has a lot to do with people's acceptance and tolerance. I 
live in a big city and I find there's generally more acceptance here. When 
I've traveled to smaller towns, I feel different. Maybe it's just my 
silliness in feeling out of place because I'm away from home. Maybe it's a 
little of both. I don't know. Again, my observations. YMMV.
I wish for all of you who are single and wish to find mates to find a person 
like my husband. They are out there. Keep the faith.
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 9/8/02 11:32:18 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< now as
a single man of 38 with this pump attached to me (which i wouldn't give
up for the world let alone a woman) I find that once agaiin people look
at me a little different again, not nearly as upsetting as when I was a
child, but it does show the great lack of education to the general
public about diabetes.  As a T1 diabetic and a critical care nurse I
have been debating with my self to develope some  sort of education for
the general public, so that maybe they can see us and understand us a
little better, stop the ignorance.  Any comments would be greatly
appreciated or ideas  >>
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