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Re: [IP] Pump and new security at airport


  My suggestion....don't wear an underwire bra when you know you are going to 
be flying or going through airport security.  We just went to FL this past 
summer.  First time flying with pump.  Josh was wearing a T-shirt wiht a big 
pocket in the center for his pump (sleeo shirt) and the metal detectors never 
even went off and no one even knew that it was a concern.  They did, however, 
confiscate my nail clipper (VERY small pair) in FL on our way home.  Thought 
of them as a potential weapon.  And there too the gal doing the security 
checking could barely speak English too!  LOL,  And they call ME a security 
risk with nail clippers!!!!
Oh yes, we did have an ID card from Disetronics that thates what the pump is, 
what it is for, emergency contact numbers and a place for our endo to sign 
and put his MD ID # as well as phone number in case any one had any concerns. 
 Never need any of the papers I had!

mom to Joshua
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