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[IP] Our old lab at home.

>>>I was diagnosed in 1965.  My doctor did not believe in Clinitest.  We
used some other test that I can't remember the name of - does anyone else?
We used a combination of urine and some other liquid in a test tube, and
then we put the test tube in a holder.  A
little pill was placed below the holder and we lit the pill with a match,
which caused the solution in the tube to boil.  We then matched up the color
of the result to a chart to determine how much sugar was in the urine. Did
anyone else use this? >>>

Was it Benedict's solution? That predated the Clinitest with the convenience
of a tablet. I did not use that but I bet Roger Campbell and/or Tom Beatson
did. I'll also *wager* that if that doc is alive today he doesn't believe in
pumping. (~_^)

think that was clinitest solution (Benedicts solution)all but forgot that
stuff. Out of sight, out of mind. that was right before clinitest tablets.
Acetest was a little tablet you put on a piece of filter paper, dripped some
pee on it an waited till it got lavender in coilor. if it did, you had
ketone bodies. All of these tests were awful. we only had one bath in our
apt and the old mrs spot hated my little chemistry lab there.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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