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[IP] Re: Salads

>Does anybody that eat large salads like that do a square wave or 
>bolus? Chicken Caesar Salads are a major culprit of high sugars 
a few 
>hours after eating for me. 

I always dual wave for "meal" salads (and I eat a lot of them, 
especially at restaurants!).  I do usually have cheese and full-fat 
dressing on my salads, so they don't tend to be too low-fat.  :-)   
However, I don't have croutons or any other "starchy" toppings.  
Depending on the size of the salad (as well as what's on it), I 
usually take 1-2 units normal bolus, and another 1-1.5 square wave 
over 2-3 hours.  It works pretty well and rarely get a spike.  YMMV 
of course!  In addition to the  fat content, the veggies have a lot of 
fiber and so the carbs in them don't tend to hit as fast as the same 
number of carbs in, say, bread (at least not for me).  Also 
remember that fiber generally doesn't have to be included in 
carbohydrate totals!

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