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Re: [IP] Novolog--does anyone NOT like it?

I've not actually tried Novolog...however, I was considering switching to it
due to the positive comments about it here in IP until I did a bit more
research.  When I discovered (despite the claims of some who have posted
here) that it is a significantly slower-acting insulin than Humalog, I knew
it wasn't for me. As it is, I wish Humalog was faster acting that it is,
since my post-meal BG levels tend to be high even though the bolus and basal
rates are correct in the end.

Novolog is reported by the manufacturer as well as in studies to have a
initial action time of about 10 minutes longer than Humalog, a peak time
that is about an hour later, and a finish time up to 2 hours later than
Humalog.  I can see how this might be ideal for some...particularly those
sensitive to insulin...but since I need 1 unit of Humalog per 8 grams of
carbs already, insulin sensitivity is not a problem.  :-) So, I "Just say No
to Novolog".  ;-)
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