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[IP] Pump and new security at airport

I just wanted to post a message to tell about my experience and see if anyone 
else had suggestions.

I fly about 5-7 times per year for my job and I am always concerned about my 
pump and the metal detector going off.  My experience has been that my 
underwire bra, not my pump sets it off and then the domino effect when they 
do a pat down, they almost always feel my pump.  I have worn it in my bra and 
also on my hip.  The problem is this:  Usually the airport security personnel 
is not always affluent in English and I have difficulty explaining that it is 
an insulin pump and I can't take it off and send it through the x-ray.  

It is a real pain to take it off, put it on suspend, and send it through the 

I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems or solutions.  Does 
anyone carry a doctor's note?  Any experience with this problem would be 
I have been through the airport 5 times, and only once, in Canada, did they 
ask me what it was, when I explained, they let me right through.  Every other 
time, it didn't even go off.  

Pam, pumping since January, 
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