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[IP] Re: Tracer II?

>Aren't we talking two separate things. Doesn't some meter company make a 
>great new meter that, I think, downloads into a PDA where you can also 
>enter your carb and insulin information if you want? ? ?

Who's talking about two separate things?  We're all talking about the old 
Tracer II unless Harvey was confused.  The new one's a FreeStyle Tracker 
made by TheraSense which downloads into a Handspring.  Can't imagine anyone 
wanting to give that away for free, since they're pretty expensive.  No, I 
remember the Tracer II by Roche, regular old glucose meter.


Original post by Harvey Sydnor:

>Does anyone have any information on a Tracer 11 Glucose monitoring system? 
>Someone is going to give me one, but I've never heard of it before.
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