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[IP] RE: Sticky Ultraflex Problem

Thanks Scott-
What is the Ultraflex 2?  I'm a Disetronic user and order all my stuff from 
them- they never mentioned it despite my nearly daily phone calls 
complaining about the Rapid Disconnect's poor performance for me 
(incidentally I did find that those Rapid D's have a smaller guage needle 
which might mean they might clog up more easily depending on your individual 
(read MINE) cell structure.

What does the Ultraflex 2 have that Ultraflex (1) doesn't???  They both 
disconnect right?  I'll take your tips and thank you for them. I tried the 
Skin=Tac once and didn't notice any thing much - but your methods give me 

PS Somehow your email got through my exclusive filter - generally I only get 
email from folks on my email list.  It's a good idea to send copies of 
everything to the IP so those of us who get the digest will receive them.

>From: Scott Strumello <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted, Insulin Pumpers 
><email @ redacted>
>Subject: RE:  Sticky Ultraflex Problem
>Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 10:14:27 -0700
>I read your post on the IP group on the Disetronic Ultraflex infusion sets.
>The Ultraflex has been my preferred set since I began pumping in June
>because its the only set which goes in on a 90 degree angle and allows for 
>disconnect directly on the site without a tail of tubing attached, and its
>also much smaller in size than any other set available.  However, with it
>being summer out, I was experiencing similar difficulties -- at first.  The
>reason is that the set and the adhesive patch is considerably smaller than
>any of the other sets on the market, and because of the adhesive strips 
>both be removed from the set prior to insertion.  Don't try to leave one
>attached, insert the set and then peel the other side off, that doesn't
>work, and the instructions don't recommend it.
>The first trick (and it can be a trick at times) is to make sure that the
>adhesive on the set lays completely flat, with absolutely no wrinkles.  The
>other, more useful tip is that I also found success with preping the site
>not only with IV Prep, but also Skin-Tac.  I prep the site with IV prep and
>let it dry so the site is tacky, then I apply a coat of the Skin-Tac
>adhesive in a circle, leaving only a tiny space clear for the cannula and
>also allow that to dry for a minute or so until the site is sticky.  The 
>should adhere much better that way.  I've been doing this with every set
>change, instead of using the Skin-Tac adhesive only when the site begins to
>come undone.  I've found that I get a few days with no problems using this
>A second option is to consider getting the Disetronic Ultraflex 2, which
>comes with 20 Teflon cannulas/10 connector sets per box.  Unfortunately, 
>Ultraflex 2 is only available from Disetronic because its so new, so Animas
>isn't supplying it.  I can't speak for any of the other pump supply
>companies.  If you need Skin-Tac, try 21st Century medical at the following
>link:  http://www.21stcenturymedical.com/skintachreg.html.  They're the 
>place I've been able to find it, but I've found its more than worth the few
>dollars I spent on the stuff, and it will last for quite a long time.
>Good Luck,
>Scott Strumello
>Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 16:25:12 -0500
>From: "Dianne De Mink" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Sticky Ultraflex Problem
>I recently started using the Disetronic Ultraflex infusion set and they 
>pulling out.  At over $10.00 a pop that's expensive.  Mostly this happens
>when I'm outside walking or working and perspiring.  I tried paper tape to
>hold it in.  No go.  I've never used any products to make adhesive adhere
>better before (5 years) and don't even know what to look for.  Any other
>advice from you atletic types would be appreciated.  It HAS been warm out -
>in the high 70's and 80's - but it hasn't been a problem really with other
>sets.  HELP.

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