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Fw: [IP] ATTN: Michael Otten

I'm forwarding this to the list For Michael... If you need to reply to it
send them directly to him.. I'm sure he'll get back to you as soon as he
can. Rochelle
----- Original Message -----
From: "Michael Otten" <email @ redacted>
To: "William & Rochelle" <email @ redacted>
Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2002 8:16 AM
Subject: OT: [IP] ATTN: Michael Otten

> Hi Rochelle (and all),
> You are not butting in, Rochelle.  If you can, please forward this to the
> list.  I appreciate everyone's concern...
> I had to unsub from the IP list several months ago because things were
> too hectic and I found that I was spending more time in front of the
> than I was with my family.  Since last year, I have finally realized that
I am
> blessed to have the family I do have and that I need to place them up on a
> pedestal where they have always belonged.
> Nicholas, my now 7 year old 2nd grader/ D-Tron pumper is still cranking
> still loving his D-Tron.  One of our fears was that, as a 5 year old, he
> be more interested in playing with the buttons (and potentially bolusing
> himself to death!) than just letting the pump sit there clipped to his
> or in his pocket.  Thankfully (and sadly), he understands what will happen
> him if he overboluses.
> Mikey, my little guy is now 5, and while he tested positive in the DPT T1
> in 2000, we had that double checked (PRAYING that it would be a false
> and hooked up with the Barbara Davis Center in Colorado (we love them and
> we lived about 2,000 miles west of here...)... We joined the DAISY study
> Mikey was retested and those results came back negative.  A follow-up test
> year later in 2001 also showed that they were 95% certain that diabetes
was not
> occurring in his body, so we have breathed a giant sigh of relief, but
> know that we can not let down our guard.  If Mikey does get T1, we want to
> catch it ASAP... DKA scares me way too much to not be on top of it.
> Me:  I am not doing so well.  The loss of my brother in law, Michael J.
> (yes, my sister married a man with the same name as me... no relation!) is
> still on my thoughts every minute.  The thought of the planes crashing,
one 160
> feet away (into the first tower) and the other into my floor (but I had
> evacuated 36 floors in those 16 minutes after the first plane) are a
> memory, but ones that I can't forget or push aside.  When the second plane
> hit,  I was in an elevator (after an announcement came over the PA in the
> stairwell that "Tower 1 was hit by a commuter plane and emergency units
> responding.  Tower 2 is secure.  You can continue down, stop at the 44th
> skylobby or return to our office").  I walked another 2 floors down to the
> floor, then got on the elevator (THEY SAID that Tower 2 was secure!) that
> have taken me to the 78th floor (I worked on the 80th).  As about 30
people got
> on the elevator, one young man's back pack prevented the doors from
closing.  I
> was about to ask him to step in further so the doors would close, and as I
> cleared my throat to do just that, the second plane slammed into the
> 36 floors above us.  It's a good thing that those elevator doors did not
> close...  I am not incredibly religious, but I do believe in fate, and I
> believe that I am here for a reason (there have been other instances where
> have been lucky to make it through ok (or alive)).
> I thought the building was going to topple over, almost losing my balance
> 5 seconds after impact).  The rest of my escape down the last 44 floors
> uneventful, and I honestly did not think about how incredibly close I was
> dying until I got home that night and hugged my family.
> That being said, every time I do think about me, I feel guilty about
Michael J.
> Otten (my fireman brother in law) and all the other rescue workers and the
> civilian heroes (like Yugi Goya, my manager, who ordered me to leave the f
> time,  who did not survive).  Why me (alive)?  Why not them?  I worked
> for 7 years and got out alive after being so close to the action.  They
came to
> help, and didn't make it.  8(  That is what consumes much of my life now.
> To help me get through this, I am immersing myself in my family, in my job
> (which I stand to lose in the next few months due to the economy and 9/11)
> several projects.  I am the VP of Government Affairs for Long Island's
> am also on the Board of Directors of the Michael J. Otten Memorial
> Fund and Charity.  We will beholding our first fundraising event in 3
weeks (a
> golf outing) and are looking to raise money to offer scholarships back to
> students in the town we live in (My sister and Gigi and I live in the same
> town, about 2 miles apart) as well as the town Michael grew up in.  For a
> time event, that one is going pretty well, but we'll see when everyone has
> played and the receipts counted.
> As for the JDRF Walk, I am not sure if I am going to do it... I might
> as I am the 3 time reigning top fundraiser on Long Island, and being a
> competitor, I hate to relinquish that title without a fight, so even
> it's getting late (our walk is in 3 weeks), I expect to start that
> tomorrow at work (while I can still harass them)  8)
> Thanks to Jan for asking... this was only slightly painful to write (I
> more than 400 e-mails from the last year still to respond to...).  I know
> there are people out there either praying for us or wishing things could
> to (almost) normal, and for that, I am thankful.  It helps.
> Sorry this is long...  if you got to this point, thanks for reading.
Time, I
> hope, will get me back to where I belong, but it seems like it all
happened 12
> weeks ago... not 12 months.
> Regards to all.
> Mike Otten
> =8^(
> William & Rochelle wrote:
> > Mike... I wasn't for sure if you were still on Insulin Pumpers list...
so I
> > decided to forward this to you. I hope you dont mind.. If someone else
> > it to you i'm srry for the repeat and if your on list and saw it.. i'm
> > if I butted in .. take care. Rochelle
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "jhughey" <email @ redacted>
> > To: <email @ redacted>
> > Sent: Friday, September 06, 2002 10:21 PM
> > Subject: [IP] ATTN: Michael Otten
> >
> > >
> > > Is Michael Otten still on this list? I've been thinking about him and
> > > he's doing. Haven't heard from him for ever so long. He's the one
> > > brother in law (also named Michael Otten - a fireman) was lost in the
> > > disaster.
> > >
> > > Michael, tell us how things are going with you now.
> > >
> > > Jan (~_^)
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