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[IP] RE: Sticky Ultraflex Problem


I read your post on the IP group on the Disetronic Ultraflex infusion sets.
The Ultraflex has been my preferred set since I began pumping in June
because its the only set which goes in on a 90 degree angle and allows for a
disconnect directly on the site without a tail of tubing attached, and its
also much smaller in size than any other set available.  However, with it
being summer out, I was experiencing similar difficulties -- at first.  The
reason is that the set and the adhesive patch is considerably smaller than
any of the other sets on the market, and because of the adhesive strips must
both be removed from the set prior to insertion.  Don't try to leave one
attached, insert the set and then peel the other side off, that doesn't
work, and the instructions don't recommend it.

The first trick (and it can be a trick at times) is to make sure that the
adhesive on the set lays completely flat, with absolutely no wrinkles.  The
other, more useful tip is that I also found success with preping the site
not only with IV Prep, but also Skin-Tac.  I prep the site with IV prep and
let it dry so the site is tacky, then I apply a coat of the Skin-Tac
adhesive in a circle, leaving only a tiny space clear for the cannula and
also allow that to dry for a minute or so until the site is sticky.  The set
should adhere much better that way.  I've been doing this with every set
change, instead of using the Skin-Tac adhesive only when the site begins to
come undone.  I've found that I get a few days with no problems using this

A second option is to consider getting the Disetronic Ultraflex 2, which
comes with 20 Teflon cannulas/10 connector sets per box.  Unfortunately, the
Ultraflex 2 is only available from Disetronic because its so new, so Animas
isn't supplying it.  I can't speak for any of the other pump supply
companies.  If you need Skin-Tac, try 21st Century medical at the following
link:  http://www.21stcenturymedical.com/skintachreg.html.  They're the only
place I've been able to find it, but I've found its more than worth the few
dollars I spent on the stuff, and it will last for quite a long time.

Good Luck,
Scott Strumello

Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 16:25:12 -0500
From: "Dianne De Mink" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Sticky Ultraflex Problem

I recently started using the Disetronic Ultraflex infusion set and they keep
pulling out.  At over $10.00 a pop that's expensive.  Mostly this happens
when I'm outside walking or working and perspiring.  I tried paper tape to
hold it in.  No go.  I've never used any products to make adhesive adhere
better before (5 years) and don't even know what to look for.  Any other
advice from you atletic types would be appreciated.  It HAS been warm out -
in the high 70's and 80's - but it hasn't been a problem really with other
sets.  HELP.
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