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[IP] Re: question for the veterans

>>>What kind of blood sugars did you have when they tested you at the
doctor's office?  What did they tell you was a good number?  Did they think
then that a single blood sugar was an indication of overall control or were
they just doing "the best they could"?
Just curious -Marianne>>>

I'm sure mine were usually 160 and way above. I think I knew 80-120 was
normal, but I wasn't *normal* and it was wayyy out of sight for whatever I'd
have displayed. I suppose two of those, 3 months apart indicated our insulin
would need to be upped and that was usually 2u at a time.

There was a thread through here a few yrs. ago of how we'd get *good*
numbers: Park a few blocks away and walk to the dr's office, take a bit more
insulin that a.m., skip a meal, and others I can't recall. I do remember
being in the hosp. and them taking a daily test and I'd ask the results -
"Oh, No! We can't tell you, the doctor will tell you tomorrow." Now I tell
him!! You know what's good about the good ol' days - they're gone!!! (~_^)

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