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Re: [IP] I hear ya!

In a message dated 9/6/02 11:09:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> When I met Thomas, I wasn't even looking for a relationship and couldn't
> care less.  So to all the gals and guys out here dealing with little minds,
> take heart. It will happen and you will find someone WORTHY of you and all
> you have to offer. It may hurt, and it may frustrate you to know people 
> like
> that still exist in the world, but be aware: Many of them have no faith in
> themselves and so they "Project" their own worthlessness unto us.
> Thomas puts up with a lot of Cr** from me, and has never said "Turf off!" 
> or
> anything like that. He is what his mom always called him; "Pick of the
> litter".
> Hang tight and let THEM come to YOU. It'll work out for the best all round!

         After coming to, my clothes wringing wet, sitting on the bed with an 
empty glass with a spoon in it (was sugar water), and my husband standing 
over me telling me:  "I was going to call the paramedics, but I decided to 
just let you die, then you came out of it.", I divorced him.  That was 11 
yrs. ago.  

        My problem is that I don't feel worthy when I meet someone I"m 
attracted to,  and don't know how to act when the feeling is mutual.  I'm 
trying to overcome that, and I do believe the right one will be sent to me at 
the right time, when I'm ready.

        I know you posted this for someone else, but your words have also 
encouraged me.  Thank you.

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