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[IP] Letter to Dr. Gridlock re: train testing

Dear Doctor Gridlock:

Having been a diabetic for 29 years, I join the thousands across the country 
who are taking umbrage at your recent suggestion (washingtonpost.com) that we 
disembark from your pure and sanitary trains to test our blood sugars, or go 
to the equally pure and sanitary bathroom to hide our dirty deeds from the 
innocent public. 

People sneeze and cough and God knows what else into their hands, and then 
place those hands on the poles, doors, backs of chairs, bannisters etc in the 
train - has THAT disgusting thought ever crossed you or your readers' minds?? 
 I lived in NYC for the last 5 years, and spent HOURS on the subway.  If you, 
or anyone else, think that I am going to compromise my health, or the control 
of my diabetes, not to mention make myself LATE to work, just to make someone 
else NOT feel squeamish, or nervous, you are woefully mistaken.  If my blood 
sugar is low and I step off the train to test, what if I black out as the 
train leaves the station, and I fall between cars and KILL myself?  What if, 
in a state of low blood sugar, I get disoriented and wander up and out of the 
subway station into some bad section of town, only to have my purse stolen, 
which contained my glucose tablets.  Extreme examples to be sure, but blood 
testing is NOT dangerous to anyone around!  The blood does not SPURT out like 
a fire hose, seeking some stranger's open wound!  You cannot absorb my 
strange and curious disease if the train lurches and I am smushed up against 
you and my blood TOUCHES you!  

There is no danger from the lancet reaching out and scratching someone!  The 
device it is contained in is spring loaded.  The lancet fully retracts into 
the device once it has been activated.  You and everyone else are safe...You 
say you are a diabetic...how can you not know there is no danger involved?  
What do you poke your finger with? a real needle?? If you use a lancet, then 
you know there is not even a need to extract the lancet from the device to 
"dispose" of it!  you just pop the lancing device back in the meter case and 
zip it up!  

I would think the ADA would have something to say about "forcing" me to 
disembark from the train, or walk into a fetid bathroom to test my blood 

You and everyone else, are more than welcome to look the other way if it 
disturbs you.  I would be happy to explain, if you were curious.  Or move 
away. Or have some compassion and allow me to have your seat, so the worry 
about me losing my balance and BLEEDING on you can be eliminated.  

Just know that despite your uneasiness and disgust, I want to continue living 
and seeing and peeing on my own for the rest of my life, with all my toes and 
organs in tact, and to do that I will have to test my blood sugar again in a 
few hours, and again a few hours after that and a few hours after that and a 
few hours after that and a few hours after that and a few hours after 
that......for the REST of my life.

With apologies to dr. suess...

I will do it on the train, I will do it in the rain, 
I will do it in a box, I will do it with a fox (even if he isn't a blind 
I will do it in a house and I can do it even soused..
I will do it on the street, trust me honey, I'm very neat
I will do it in a store, I will do it while you snore
I can do it while I walk, i can do it while you gawk
I prick, I bleed, I do what I need, 
whenever, wherever, ...forever and ever


Sara Falconer
email @ redacted
Tucson, AZ
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