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Re: [IP] Re: Michael's "sexist" statement

I'm having trouble seeing how Michael's statement was sexist....
 think Michael's comment was pretty innocent and light.

As was mine. I guess sometimes we forget that the people who read what we 
write can't see the smile on our face as we write it. If I had truely found 
offense and thought he was being sexist I would have just ignored it or 
emailed privately. Boy do people take things waaaay too seriously sometimes. 

Twice I've made very serious comments on things and not gotten a peep from 
the forum but speak lightly and be chatised. So I pledge from here on to 
explicitely say something like - this is a joke, I"m kidding, i'm teasing, 
see my smile etc etc etc so that I will not be taken wrong.

Linda & Dax
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