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[IP] Re: T-shirts / telethon

Brian wrote:
> Insulin Keeps Me Alive.
> The Insulin Pump Gives me Flexibility.
> www.Insulin-Pumpers.org Gives Me Support.
> (the last line is what I am thinking about but was thinking something
> the lines of)
> You Can Help Cure Me by supporting diabetes research.

The last line is something I've been thinking about. I started watching the
Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for MD in 1974. At that time they raised
about $20+m. This year it was $58.3m. Now, mind you, that does NOT include
the corporate checks from Citgo, 7-Up, ABATE, etc., etc., just *individual's
donations. Add that up for the last 28 years, PLUS all those corporate
donations and we're talking a fair piece of change. Where's MD's cure? I'm
*sure* MD prolly has more research funds donated than any of the other
diseases and I heard Jerry say he thinks they'll have a cure in about 5 yrs.
They're soooo close. hmmmmm - haven't DMers heard that also? BTW, which of
the 40 diff. diseases are they close to finding a cure for? Is it a blanket
cure covering all 40? The same with DM - which type and which cause is the
cure to be for?

Since MD covers 40 different diseases, and they are finding many causes for
T-1 & T-2 DM, I think their chances are about the same as our two chances
for a cure: Fat - and slim.

I also heard a mom on the telethon say her oldest of 7 children had MS; she
was asked how the other kids in the family handled it. She said they all
rallied around him and it has brought them closer. Moms mean a lot - as in:
my bro was 14 when I was dx'd at 11.5. I was hospitalized for 15 days and he
never visited (allowed to at 14 back then), when I got home we never talked
about. I never heard how he felt about me or if he felt his life had
changed. Nothing. We were raised in the same house but separately. He was a
boy and I a girl and we had to leave each other alone. Today he's 67 and I'm
63 - he lives in Las Vegas and I'm in north central Indiana. We have nothing
in common and he doesn't reply to my contacts. When he has visited mom (20
mi. away) I find out accidentally after the fact.

Just rambling.

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