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Re: [IP] Eenie, Meenie, Minee, Moe, catch an insulin pump by the toe

On 6 Sep 2002 at 19:45, Chris Jones wrote:

> How does one choose a pump?  Does the endo say, I will support "X" but
> not "Y" or "Z"?

No reason for him/her to.  A pump is only a mechanical apparatus that YOU will have to 
learn.  The Doc should only be responsible for getting you started.  Mostly it is the CDE 
that needs to be familiar with the pump, but there is no reason the CDE can't be trained at 
the same time that you are.

> Looks like there are three

Six, though the Nipro hasn't hit the US Market yet and the Cozmo won't begin shipping till 
November the last I heard.

> Animas:  I am really liking the idea of EZ Manager.  Just bought a
> Palm Pilot VII X today.

I have been using the EZManager with my Disetronic H-trons. 

> Disetronic:  They look like they are very close to a closed loop
> system with continuous glucose monitoring.

So are Animas and Minimed.

> MiniMed: They seem customer friendly and offer help in filing for
> insurance benefits.

ALL Companies will do this.    Best bet to decide??   TRY Each One! (saline only)

George    :>)
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