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RE: [IP] bolusing for salads

Hi Katy,
I am a "salad queen"!

When I'm out and have salads, I always first ask for a low fat dressing and
for them to put it on the side.  If they don't have any low fat, then I ask
for just lemons and squeeze that on the salads.

If your salad is very large, then you can assume that you are eating enough
veggies to figure at least 10 gr. of carbs.  If you are eating a low fat
dressing, they are usually anywhere between 6-10 gr. of carb.

If you start adding crunchies on to them, then you either don't eat them or
start checking out crouton nutritional information, chinese noodles, etc.

One crouton that I have bought has no fat but it says there are 5 gr. of
carbs for 5 pcs of croutons.

Chinese noodles are a killer.  They not only have carbs but lots of fat.
1/2 C La Choy Chinese Noodles has 18 gr. of carbs and fat too.

You don't have to bolus for the protein, not unless you are eating more than
3 oz. of it.  Then you might want to consider doing a square wave.

Also, if salads have cheese in them, ask to be served salad w/o the cheese
unless you want to start figuring in how many grams of fat are in them as

I truly hope that some of this helps you.

Kathy B.
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