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[IP] Re: Dating & Diabetes

Oh - I could write a book with some of the dating
horror stories!  Most are NOT diabetes related, but,
I'll share one that just cracks me up still...

I NEVER talk about really personal stuff on a first
date.  Especially not diseases - do you want to know
about your date's diseases right up front?  Not me! So
I don't bring it up until I've decided whether or not
I like the specimen well enough to see him more than
once or twice.

Anyway - was on a third date with a testosterone laden
xy chromosome.  He asked me what that lump was under
my dress.  I told him it was my insulin pump.  He was
SPEECHLESS.  Just sat there with his mouth open and
stared at me.  Then he closed his mouth, swallowed,
and asked me "Are you going to die right here?".  THEN
he stated rhetorically, "you're really not very
healthy are you?".  He couldn't hear my reassurances. 
Then he asked "Why didn't you tell me on the first

My response was something to the tune of "If I'd known
what your response was going to be, I WOULD have told
you then.  Would have saved me a lot of time."

That is really the only time I can recall that
diabetes was a factor in me dumping some guy :-)

-gail in denver
dx'd T1 02/14/72, pumping since 1985-ish, currently
very in love with a man who thinks he's the luckiest
guy on earth - I think I'm pretty lucky too!

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