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[IP] Re: i hear ya

why sexist?? if i met a guy i liked who couldn't cook, i'd be happy to cook so long as i didn't
have to eat HIS cooking... esp. since I'M the one who would know way more about eating and

whoever can cook should. share and share alike is fine, but i CAN cook and like to as well so why
shouldn't i do that, while he does the jobs i hate =).
of course i'm also of the opinion that *everyone* should prob. learn to cook sooner or later, esp.
diabetics. but if i loved someone who couldn't cook i would be happy to do it. 

esp. since i make a MEAN cream of asparagus soup =D

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

Linda wrote:
Michael - what a sexist statement - what happens if she is looking for 
a man who can cook? Currently my hubby is a full time student - leaving 
him at home a good part of each day - he makes me an egg white veggie 
omelet each morning, packs me a healthy lunch, and has dinner waiting 
when I get home. I in turn do the dishes, laundry, and we generally 
grocery shop together on the weekends. I also will sometimes cook on the 
weekends as well as I also like to cook and do a fair job at it. Share - 
share - and share alike!

Linda & Dax :~)

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