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Re: [IP] testing and treating kids without waki

> Hi:
> I have been reading about giving something to eat to kids without
> waking them up. I am the parent of Gustavo, dx 4 months ago. I still
> do not know how to detect that I need to provide something during
> the night. I have a baby radio monitor from his room to mine, and I
> am assuming that he will make noise if he does not feel OK. But I am
> reading that you provide something to eat and the kids are sleeping.
> So, how do I know that I need to provide something. And how often
> this occurs on average. thanks g guillemin

I suspect it varies a lot for each child and is predicated on their 
activity levels, food, etc.... I know with Lily, I checked her every 
night between 2 and 3 in the morning until she went off to college. 
Every week or so I would find that she was low and needed some 
glucose or high and needed to bolus. Perhaps once or twice a year, 
the low would be dangerous i.e. 20-30's. Of course, had I not 
checked, I have no idea what the lows of 40 - 60 would have turned 
into by morning. During her 8 years of diabetes, I only know of 2 
times that she needed assistance. Once shortly after diagnosis, and 
once about 4 or 5 years ago when she had a low that caused a mild 
seizure in the night. Yes...., I found her during my routine 2 am 
check and it scared me half to death. I attribute the variability of 
her night time bg's to two things. 1) constant and extreme levels of 
athletic activity and late meals or snacks where the carbs / insulin 
are just not right. I checked her in the night for 7 years and felt 
is worthwhile for the times we averted problems. This may not work 
for you, but one interuption of sleep at night is about average at 
our house anyway. If it's not one of the kids, then it's because I 
need to take a leak. Might as well check my child as well and 
schedule it for 2 - 3. I always woke her and had her check. Believe 
me, she can do it on automatic pilot now. 

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