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Re: [IP] Re: Basals almost doubled???

> Hello
> After a frantic 3 days of very high bgs, we now are giving Eileen
> almost double the basal rate she had before these strange highs
> happened. This really scares me, from 1.2 at night to 2.0? I know if
> it works its supposed to be ok. but its so much insulin. Scary, huh?
> Just awaiting the lows I know are going to be coming along soon.

Welllll...... yeah!  I remember when Lily did this at about age 12 or 
13. Turned out she was just growing. Her TDD doubled in about a month 
and stayed that way for many months then slowly came down some. there 
was one point where she was running 2u/hr through the night and I 
thought I would have heart failure I was so worried. Didn't seem to 
phase her. She went about things as usual, played soccer, went to 
shool and ate us out of house and home :-)    grew a bunch too.

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