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Re: [IP] Help

In a message dated 9/5/2002 8:02:03 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I regret it now, but the unknown is always
 scary. But within one week on the pump I felt so much
 better and adapted so quickly to the physical part I
 couldn't believe I hesitated.> HMMV but I,m betting
 he loves it. At 21 ,the not having to eat at certain
 times, would have to be liberating.let us know how
 he's doing, >>

    And besides, what's the worst that could happen - go back to injections?
    I was really nervous about going on the pump also, but then this is what 
I told myself, and it helped a lot. I would encourage anyone to at least try 
the pump, especially if they have the money to pay for it, or insurance 
    Jan G.
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