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Re: [IP] Help

I would tell him it is Ok to be scared too. There are a lot of new things to 
learn going on the pump, and a whole new group of things one can mess up. 
New tools like the pump can be scary at first, but they also lead to a 
wonderful new way of doing things.

Type 1 7 years, pumping 3 months

>both LOVE it.  Tell him 95% of the people on this list and
>email @ redacted (by the way - are you on that list) - LOVE
>the pump. Tell him he can sleep late, eat just about what and when he wants
>to - it's very, very liberating.  Maybe he fears being intimate (you say he
>has a girlfriend) with the pump.  There was a thread either on this list or
>the other one I mentioned about being intimate - you can take the darn 
>off for a period of time - like 30 min. to an hour - maybe longer, I don't
>know.  I know about the guilt.   When I conceived my daughter, I had no 
>TYpe I was on my husband's side of the family.  My daughter, however, was
>dx'd at 13 months of age and she went ahead and had children -one of which 
>Type I now, so she did know - but that's a whole other story.  Anyway, I 
>things work out for you and your son.  Hang in there - be supportive - tell
>him it's almost unheard of for someone who has started on the pump to go 
>to injections - as someone told me when my daughter started on the pump and 
>feared she wouldn't stay with it - "It's just not done".  Good luck.

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