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[IP] Re: Question for Veterans

Linda wrote:
>>>I was diagnosed in 1965.  My doctor did not believe in Clinitest.  We
used some other test that I can't remember the name of - does anyone else?
We used a combination of urine and some other liquid in a test tube, and
then we put the test tube in a holder.  A
little pill was placed below the holder and we lit the pill with a match,
which caused the solution in the tube to boil.  We then matched up the color
of the result to a chart to determine how much sugar was in the urine. Did
anyone else use this? >>>

Was it Benedict's solution? That predated the Clinitest with the convenience
of a tablet. I did not use that but I bet Roger Campbell and/or Tom Beatson
did. I'll also *wager* that if that doc is alive today he doesn't believe in
pumping. (~_^)

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