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[IP] Re: Bolusing for Honey & Syrup

Sam said:
>I thought that the basic rule was: "a carb is a carb
is a carb..." <

I respond:
That fact is undisputed.  

HOWEVER, there are variables that affect how one
handles certain carbs with TIMING (like a *slower*
absorption rate when fat is present like in buttered
pancakes or a Snickers bar).

My absorption rate of foods with a high glycemic index
sans fat is incredibly fast.  Seems like all I have to
do is inhale in its presence and my BG skyrockets.  

I'm trying to figure out how anyone else who has a
similar absorption rate handles this situation.  I
hate chasing the highs afterwards, so would rather
figure it out up front.  But, it's a little late for
that!  It's almost dinner time. :-)


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