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[IP] Dating

I usually didn't tell people that I dated until the time was right, on average
after 3-4 dates because my dates always treated me as if I as weird. After the
relationship was established, I would tell him explaining the "always treating
me weird if they know" line for being dishonest as an excuse. That seemed to
work for me. In fact that the last person I dated became my husband and we
have been married 15 years. It wasn't until the last 3-4 years I have been
able to disclose to others about my diabetes to male (acquaintances) and
female friends freely. I really feel the support from insulin pumpers has
really helped me come to grips will my "condition". I no longer feel strange
or alone - that is what www.insulin-pumpers.org has done for me. Happy pumping
y'all Sharon B.
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