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Linda, I am going to write to Mr. Shaffer now, thank you for his e-mail
address.  Anyone else care to give him some polite, constructive criticism??

,,,<< "But medical technology has changed so much that it is easy to control
diabetes <snip> said Griffin, who was diagnosed with the disease four years
ago and uses insulin himself." It is a pity that someone in his position
would make such a blanket statement. >> Just having diabetes just doesn't
seem to prove good sense <gr.>. Yesterday's Washington Post's traffic column
dealt for the second time with an incident of <gasp> blood sugar monitoring
on the commuter rail. Now, he is claiming that the incident "left blood on
the woman's forearm", so there may be some issues there, but in response to
the "angry responses from those in the diabetic community" that he received
(and printed 2 examples of) he writes: "I am a diabetic, quite familiar with
blood-testing kits. They take two hands, with some care needed to stick,
place blood on a test strip and dispose of a still-sharp needle. I would not
want a stranger with a used needle standing next to me on a crowded train."
He suggests if no lavatory is available, "the passenger can get off at the
next stop, and find a more stable, private place to conduct the test. God
bless them." Besides wondering if he has heard of lancet devices (well, the
autolet still had the lancet exposed after the test, but it's been many
years since I've seen one like that), and wanting George to advice him on
how often he really needs to dispose of that thing, I'm really tempted to go
demonstrate to him how to do a blood test without putting the rest of the
world in danger. Anyone else? <gr.> (HE is Ron Shaffer at
email @ redacted). 

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