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Re: What's the unused insulin rule - wasRe: [IP] RE: I'm SoGlad........

When you inject insulin, it is absorbed into your system at a certain percentage per hour. So if you check your
blood one hour after injection, you should expect to see a glucose that is a result of one-hour's worth of
absorption and not the total dose..  Sometimes people think that after one hour they are still too high,  but what
has happened is that the rest of the insulin from the initial injection hasn't done its work, so if you inject more
after one hour or so, you might run the risk of over bolusing yourself (because you still have "unused insulin"in
your body).

All of it depends on the type of insulin you use. Humalog is pretty much in and out of your system in 4 hours. And
the usage, absorption, etc. is different for everyone. The insulin manufacturer includes a pamphlet  in the insulin
package, the pamphlet shows the results of their laboratory tests as far as how fast insulin was absorbed in their
test subjects.

There are formulas for each insulin. The rule describes how the insulin is absorbed.
I'm not sure if anyone else answered your question of if this helps.
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