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Re: [IP] IP numbness in hands


I've had that for years, and many years before I was a diabetic. It had to do
with stress placed on my elbow. (mostly my right elbow)  As a hardware tech, I
was always using my arm and  hands to hold and squeeze pliers and other hand
tools.  Now I'm a writer (also) and the keyboard still doesn't do it to me but
using hand tools in my garage workshop and lifting with my arms does.

Someone else on the list probably knows more. There are I think two separate
nerves that run to  the hand one controls the index, and thumb? and he other
controls the pinkie, and ring and middle one I'm not sure about. Anyone know?

I imagine that diabetes can stress on the joint can play together to make it
worse. maybe it's also related to carpal tunnel?
Anyone else know?

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