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Re: : [IP] i hear ya!

I too dated a girl who was Hypoglycemic and we would always joke about 
having kids who would turn out average ...  

Twice on first dates I've had lows, one of the girls told me I should 
get in better control and see somebody about this. No matter how I 
explained it she couldn't understand. Frustrating!!!    The other low I 
had is when I was out to dinner,  I sounded like William Shatner, 
(Captain Kirk from Star Trek) like I was a dramatic actor! until the 
sugar packets from the table were down my throat,  Apologies were 
needed, and actually accepted and understood by this girl.

Now I use my pump as a great starter for conversation, along with my 
medic alert Dog Tag. I just need to find a girl that can cook!!

dx 1991 at 20 Pumping 10 months 2 w/ paradigm

Rodriguez, Tavia wrote:

>When I was in high school (a few years ago) I finally got the nerve up to
>ask this guy on a date.  We went out, and the entire last couple hours of
>the date, my bg was low and I didn't say more than 2 words!!!  Needless to
>say he didn't ask me out again, either and I was at that time too chicken to
>tell him sorry for the weirdness and it was my low bg!
>I once dated a guy w/hypoglycemic and we used to joke that if we ever got
>married, our house would have to have snack stashes all over, and we'd get a
>dog and train him to bring us food on command!
>Dating is definately tougher (as most things are) with diabetes.  I've
>finally been able to look back on many dating situations and laugh my head
>off at what the other person must've been thinking at some of my
>wierdness!!!! :P
>Tavia Rodriguez
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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