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RE: [IP] Bolusing for Honey & Syrup

At 09:33 AM 9/6/2002 gail d wrote:
>No one has actually addressed my original question,
>nor that of Beverly (mom to Mary).  If there was an
>answer that answers my question directly, then I
>missed it.

I thought that the basic rule was: "a carb is a carb is a carb..." In other 
words, if you know the carb count, bolus appropriately for the carb count. 
Certain foods, may have a longer tail due to other ingredients and you will 
need to take that into consideration. But, the basic carbs from sugar, 
honey, fruit, bread or potatoes are all normally accounted for, in a 
similar fashion. However, as usual, everyone is different so use your own 
personal experience as a guide.

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