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[IP] I hear ya!

After I booted the ex-husband out and came back to the 'States, I met
Thomas. I did not hesitate to tell him a thing about the 'betes and all.
That was nine years ago.

He's been hanging around, did a week's worth of blood tests, did 'fake'
injections with me when I was MDI, helped me with $$ to get my secondhand
pump, takes days off to drive me to doctor's and so on.....

He sees the h*** I go through trying to get the simplest of jobs and yet
still on SSI and he's looked into his work insurance to see what I could be
covered for if we got hitched. It would actually be WORSE off if we married,
so right now we're 'living in sin' <G>....Like heck! HE has hung out with me
longer than anyone I ever knew!!

He got me my iBook so I could get back into school, took 3 days off when my
dad died to get things done in that regard for me and so on.

A couple of times, during massive frustration at not even getting an
interview with anyone and having hopes of independence from SSI dashed, I
would say "Why don't you go get a healthy broad who can work and stuff?" He
stands there like a big ape and says "hey, you're healthier than *I* am"...

Due to the bad eyesight from birth I have never had a good dating history. I
was usually set up and stood up. I have met all types and got browned off at
guys in general long before a hasty marriage in Belfast. I went out to
'Busk' (Street musician) to put money into the house whilst he sat on his
scrawny @$$ for about 4 years before he blew up one night and blamed my eyes
and diabetes for the failing of this 'marriage'. I think my shoe print is
still embedded on his rear-end... And I kicked him out.

When I met Thomas, I wasn't even looking for a relationship and couldn't
care less.  So to all the gals and guys out here dealing with little minds,
take heart. It will happen and you will find someone WORTHY of you and all
you have to offer. It may hurt, and it may frustrate you to know people like
that still exist in the world, but be aware: Many of them have no faith in
themselves and so they "Project" their own worthlessness unto us.

Thomas puts up with a lot of Cr** from me, and has never said "Turf off!" or
anything like that. He is what his mom always called him; "Pick of the

Hang tight and let THEM come to YOU. It'll work out for the best all round!

IBook, iPod, iPump, BG meter, Cables, PDA,....Yeah, I'm ready to go

Jenny Sutherland
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