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RE: [IP] Bolusing for Honey & Syrup

No one has actually addressed my original question,
nor that of Beverly (mom to Mary).  If there was an
answer that answers my question directly, then I
missed it.

Bolusing for honey is different than a regular
carbohydrate...  I spike high and quick.  I DO NOT
usually eat anything with a high glycemic index
because of that.  Once a year I eat apples dipped in
honey.  I usually chase the high within an hour.  And
no I don't crash.  There is NO measuring - just a
decent guesstimation (I don't know how many grams of
honey I'm eating when I dip a chunk of apple in the

This is significantly different from eating pancakes,
since pancakes ARE the meal.  Apples & honey aren't.

Certainly there are others here that can give me some
reasonable advice, please?  Do you bolus early in
order to avoid the spike?  If so, how early?  

Beverly - I make my own pancakes, add 2 tbsp of oil
instead of the recipe's 1 tbsp, use one tbsp of
butter, then squeeze on about 2 tbsp of syrup.  Then I
also add some all-fruit jelly.  Sometimes I spike,
sometimes I don't.  But, I bolus about a half-hour to
an hour before I sit down to eat.  Am usually low by
then, but it helps keep me from spiking.

Thanks for answering!

-gail in denver
dx'd 02/14/72 T1, pumping since 1985-ish

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