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[IP] Re: IP] i hear ya!

At 11:41 AM 9/6/02, you wrote:
>The guy I was dating ate his dinner and left the house and I have never heard
>from him again!  I did call him the next day and told him I was sorry.  This
>happened about 2 years ago and I have not had a serious low like that since.
>Went on the pump about 1 month after the date.  Try to tell him that I was
>getting things under control and that it really would not happen again.
>Oh well-

It does take a special man who cares enough to overlook the difficulties D 
brings us.  Once when my hubby and I were dating, he was over for the day 
and we had been watching TV (I had my own apartment at the time).  I didn't 
feel too well (this was way before glucose meters and such) so I went to 
lie down.  He said he heard some noises and came in to check on me.   At 
this time he knew I had D, but didn't yet know a whole lot about it.  This 
wonderful man called my mom and even called my doctor to find out what to 
do.  It was an awful low, I had vomited, and when I came to, he was holding 
my head and wiping my face with a damp washcloth.  I knew at that moment he 
was a "keeper".  We've been married for almost 25 years now.  Yes, those 
great guys are out there, you just have to be lucky enough to find them.

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