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[IP] Re: Novolog--does anyone NOT like it?

  The average blood insulin responses in type 1 diabetics to an 
injection of H and N are nearly identical.  The H is marginally 
faster acting than N on average.   But since there is a standard 
deviation about this average, that means that for some the N will be 
slighly faster and for most others, slightly slower.  The difference 
in insulin action may be too subtle to detect in most.  Of interest 
is that 10% of both insulins is still not absorbed after 3 h. (see 
Diabetes Care, volume 24, june 2001, pp 1120-1121)

<<<<<<I had the same reaction to Novolog.  The red mark from the 
welts stayed for a long time also.   For me, however, I think it also 
did a worse job of
controlling my blood sugar.  I ran much higher for longer periods of
time.   Humalog has worked much better for me.  Guess there are some of us
who have similar problems with the Novolog like those who had problems with
the Humalog.  It just goes to show that what works for one person may not
work for another.  And that's why we say, YMMV.  RoseLea>>>>>>>>
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