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[IP] RE:The Unused Insulin Rule

Even though my Educator does not use this, I found out it really works for me
(particularly since I am using Novolog and it takes longer to get out of my
>From John Walsh's Pumping Insulin (I have the third edition) Chapter 13 "The
Unused Bolus Rule"

Charts are given which suggested the amount of insulin still at work in your
system after a certain period of time. (i.e. if you take 5 units Humalog, how
much is left after one hour, two hours etc. etc.)

I was starting to take correction boluses on top of more correction, causing a
huge buildup of insulin in my system, which led to a low, which led to a high
and on it goes.

YMMV but for me the chart on Humalog works well (he didn't have one on
Novolog) enough to get an idea what to do.  You can figure it out on a
percentage basis, but I just use the chart.

Hope this helps.
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