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Re: [IP] Quick sets

>I had to take out my beloved silhouette and put in a quick set. It took 4 
>attempts before it finally broke skin! It kept pushing down on my stomach 
>but not entering, then I finally got it in and tried the disconect! BAD 
>IDEA I just spent the last 35 minutes to get it back on. I'm sure I'm 
>gonna have a large bruise after all that pushing on the site. Its on now 
>and its staying that way, i'll have to bathe with it on cause I'm not 
>trying that again. Still excited about the pump though but definatley 
>gonna stick to silhouettes. Has anyone else had problems with the quick 
>sets or is it just me?
>Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

I found that the QuickSets inserted much easier for me than did the 
UltraFlex.  The problem you're describing with insertion sounds very much 
like the problems I had with the UltraFlex, I find, for me, the QuickSets 
go in with no difficulty.  Disconnecting and reconnecting, on the other 
hand, take a little more practice.  The more you do it, the better you get 
at it.  This is from the instruction booklet for Reconnecting:  "Run a 
prime until drop is visible at connector part.  GENTLY hold ridges of 
connector part, and place onto cannula hub with triangles aligned.  Rotate 
connector part until you hear or fell a 'click' and triangle aligns with 
line."  I also find it helpful to hold onto the tape, one finger on each 
side of the connector to keep the set a bit more steady when 
reconnecting.  I also don't push in on the set in order to reconnect.

I like the QuickSets, however, if you like the Silhouettes, then why switch?

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