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[IP] # of responses


I'm sorry that I hadn't checked the posts in a couple weeks, had time, felt
like reaching out and communicating with other pumpers.  Skip my messages in
the future, and then you won't be bothered by them or my auto signature that
my email pops up with and i usually forget to erase.  Know you didn't mean
to sound mean, but it hurt to know that someone out there thinks there's a
limit to the number of posts we should each respond to.  please skip my
posts in the future.

Still writing,


<<<Tavia, I don't mean this in a mean way at all but...
you do understand, you are not REQUIRED to respond to each and every
message on the IP board?
P.S. Could you possibly lose all that name, title, address, phone, fax,
etc., etc., at the end of your messages to the IP list? Thanks and hugs
and kisses. I really don't intend this to sound mean!!

Tavia Rodriguez
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