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[IP] Re:Judy & Help

<PRE>Because you are a Mom you are concerned for your son and his well-being (I'm 
in my fifth decade with Diabetes and my Mom still is concerned) but because 
you are his Mom there are things he will not discuss with you about his 
concerns.  He's computer literate based on a comment on a prior post so maybe 
he needs to email someone who is outside of his family or circle of friends 
just to do some 'what if ' questions.  I'm not sure I can relate well to 
being 21 years old right now but I know how the pump affected me (positively 
if you must know) and while I would encourage him I would also answer his 
questions to the best of my ability.  And I'm one person among Doctors, Reps, 
CDE's, sportsters, teens, extremes, etc., on this list that would do it 
offline or even by (pardon my datedness) telephone.  But he needs to reach 
out to us by asking questions (he can set up a blind email so you don't know 
he's asking.)   Bob Nnn
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