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[IP] Quick sets

Well its the start of day 3 on my trial pump, and Not off to a good start 
this morning.  Its my day off(nice!) but I woke up early to show my mom my 
site change.  I had to take out my beloved silhouette and put in a quick 
set.  It took 4 attempts before it finally broke skin! It kept pushing down 
on my stomach but not entering, then I finally got it in and tried the 
disconect! BAD IDEA I just spent the last 35 minutes to get it back on.  I'm 
sure I'm gonna have a large bruise after all that pushing on the site.  Its 
on now and its staying that way, i'll have to bathe with it on cause I'm not 
trying that again.  Still excited about the pump though but definatley gonna 
stick to silhouettes.  Has anyone else had problems with the quick sets or 
is it just me?

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Ps  my old site looks good, just a little red dot and a bit of tape.  I was 
worried about allergic reactions cause I'm allergic to bandaids, but it 
looks fine!

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