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[IP] Novolog vs. Humolog

I cannot say our experience with Novolog has been the wonder story so many
write about on the site.
Sara's basals did not decrease when we started Novo. But, she was very low at
that point for a 16 year old girl. A TDD of 35.

 We have found the high and low swings to be slightly less extreme. Thsi is
nice for Sara, she feels better. But, the response to a high is very erratic.
No immediate response and then drop. You have to be diligent after treating a
high with Novo. and utilize the 30% rule always or you can easily over treat
at the one or two hour mark. Same with meals. I could always do a two hour
check with Humolog and get a good picture of a post meal response. With Novo.
I need to use the three hour mark for a more accurate picture. I still will do
two hour checks if I am worried about the carb. count for a meal, but I factor
in that the two hour will be higher than is desired. There is an exception to
this. If it is a very low bolus meal the two hour mark is usually in the ideal
range. Sara also has a high carb diet as she is so physically active she needs
the carbs to keep going. I believe that if Sara would bolus with the Novo. 10
minutes before her meals she could alleviate some of this problem. She
unfortunately refuses to "remember" to do this. A teenage rebellion thing. So
someone who does not eat large portions of carbs with meals may not experience
this idiosyncrasy.

I personally have not found a Novo. tail that many have experienced. Both
insulins are gone around 4 hours for Sara.

When Sara first started Novo. she did get better staying power on her sites.
By mid summer her basals had a teenage basal  increase and the Novo. sites
went back to 2 to 2.5 days of effectiveness, same as Humolog. So on lower
doses there is better site effectiveness over a longer period of time, but
when the basaIs increased to a certain point that was lost.

I did notice that the Novo. works until the moment it quits and then boom! its
gone. A very sharp breakdown curve. The Humolog had a more insidious, creeping
type of breakdown on day three. I personally like the Novo. action better in
this instance.  When the Humo. was breaking down the BG might be a little
elevated at first but not enough to really indicate an insulin problem. The
elevation was so slow that it could be easily attributed to many factors. With
Novo. the breakdown is so fast and complete the BG is high (200 for Sara), not
a little off course. You know that either the insulin or site is a goner, end
of story. We find we handle the highs quickly and do not spend a whole day
wondering if it is the insulin or just increased stress, a higher fat meal 12
hours ago or the movement of the tides effecting the BG. (Just a little BG
sarcasm there, excuse the indulgence.)

I found Novo. to be very bad in high heat. It lasted in the pump only 12 hours
most of this summer. That was very disappointing as we changed to Novo. due to
the advertisements concerning its increased ability to withstand high temps.
It does not handle Ohio high temps and in door pools high temps and humidity.
Swimming and Golf were awful this year. Even getting into a car that had been
sitting in the sun would cause a breakdown. So Humo. and Novo. both have
rotten track records in that respect for Sara's lifestyle.

Basically I think that between Novo. and Humo. it is a toss up. There are
equal good points and bad points for each. Whichever one works better for you
is the one to choose. Neither one is a insulin you can count on to operate
well at all times. The bottom line is which of the quirks you can live with
the easiest.
Pam, mom to Sara, 16
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