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[IP] i hear ya!

If you find that guy, who will understand and be willing to work with you and
your diabetes, will you ask if he has a brother.
 The last guy I dated, thought he knew all he needed to know about diabetes,
working at a health club!  I had asked him over for dinner, and when he said
he was on his way, I checked my blood sugar, I was higher and still on the
lantus and humalog so I went ahead and took my 'bolus' and even ate a small
snack so that I would go low.  By the time he got here I was already low and
not realizing it, we ordered dinner, and by the time it was dilivered I was
flipping out not really knowing what I was doing.  Luckly the person who came
to the door, knew me and my family and went to my aunts and told her he
thought that I was"high".  About three of my family members came flying to my
house and ended up taking me to the er, because I would not doing as they told
me and they were not going to deal with me.
The guy I was dating ate his dinner and left the house and I have never heard
from him again!  I did call him the next day and told him I was sorry.  This
happened about 2 years ago and I have not had a serious low like that since.
Went on the pump about 1 month after the date.  Try to tell him that I was
getting things under control and that it really would not happen again.

Oh well-
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