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Re: [IP] Problems with icecream and Lows???????????????

<<what do you mean by "snack bolus?">>

What I meant was the carb/insulin ratio we use for his afternoon snacks
and bedtime snacks.   For different meals we have different ratios.
Currently we are doing 15/1 for breakfast (but avoiding cereals as they
caused too many problems),    15/1 for lunch at school   but 15/.8 for
home lunches,    15/.8 for dinner,   and 15/.8 for all snacks.

> <<You should bolus specifically to the amount of carbs and
> fats/proteins/fiber
> content of each food intake. >>

We did.   He had 1 cup of mint chocolate chip icecream.    This was 30 grams
and we did   1.6 units.
> <<  Also, did you check his bg before eating and bolusing?  >>

Yes, he had icecream at 11:30 PM and was 100 and then he didn't seize
until 2:30.
> <<  i've never seizured.  being that extremely low is extremely dangerous
> so
> please, please try to figure this one out!!!  good luck and best wishes!!!!
> >>

Well, I know its not fun  ;-)      He's had them off and on over the years,
more when younger and couldn't feel his lows coming on.    Then not
too many  the last few years till he went on the pump.     He's had 6
since Feb.    Five of those in the first 3 1/2 months.    Then we finally
got his basals under control and were fine from 6/9 till last week.    The
were all early AM ones.

They even did an EEG recently at the hospital and we see a neurologist
tomorrow afternoon.    I'm sure they won't have found anything else that
would cause these except rapid drops while sleeping.


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