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[IP] carb book for vegetarian

well the first one that comes to mind is the old standby, the Kraus carb 
guide....multiple editions, seems like it is updated every couple of years 
and has everything in there...even some name brand convenience foods...there 
are also specific NAME BRAND and FAST FOOD carb counters...any good book 
store or amazon. com can set you up

secondly, just based on what you wrote, i would sincerely recommend getting a 
book on vegetarianism that points you towards other sources of protein in 
your diet, rather than cheese and dairy products.  they may taste good (and 
if you aren't lactose intolerant, are not detrimental to your bed 
sheets.....), but they are typically high in fat and relatively low in 
protein, and considering your diet:

> convenience foods.......SNIP.....occasionally eat out at restaurants 
> like Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, and EatN'Park. I'll get cheese pizza, 
> pasta with marinara, and sometimes a good old grilled cheesewith 
> tomato, french fries, and cole slaw.I eat lots of salads, fruits, pasta, 
> and various breads, I love usingtextured vegetable protein

Sounds HEAVENLY to me, but pardon the pun, where's the beef?  you only get a 
small amount of protein, and a fat laden one in this kind of diet.  hey, I 
know it is your diet, so what ever works for you...I would just think you 
might need a better source of low fat protein and less fat in general in your 
diet...unless you are one of those zone/atkins people, in which case you can 
ignore everything i say or think cuz we are on opposite sides of the world on 
this one :-)

I am not familiar with textured vegetable protein unless you mean something 
like vegemite or marmite, but you might look at some of the protein rich 
lentils and soy products...

You might try looking for info on the net or at the library before you invest 
in your own books...don't you hate it when you buy a book based ona couple 
pages read at the book store and you get home adn find you hate teh rest of 
the book????

good luck
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