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Re: [IP] Help

email @ redacted writes:
>about getting the pump once you signed up for it.  I also will probably will 
>hear from a few of you that he is 21 and let him be, but I have lived with 
>the guilt of him having diabetes forever and you always want a happy and 
>healthy life for your children.  It's just so disheartening to read this on 
>my computer.  Lately he hasn't talked to me much, he never really was the 
>talkative type.  Am I being too much of a over-protective mom here.  I can't 
>talk to him right now because he has gone off to work and there is no way to 
>contact him.  Can anyone please give me some feedback.  Thank you all so 
>much.   Judy


    Yes and no.  You are being an overprotective mom - but that's what
    moms are for.  He may not appreciate it for quite a few years, but
    he does like that you protect that.  Its not bad.
    Having said that - relax.  I'm 23 and have been pumping for almost
    two months.  My mother (3000 miles away) doesn't know yet.  (I'm
    sure she'd love to know - but I'm in that backlash against being
    parented phase.

    Getting the pump was a terrifying experience for me.  It's scary
    for all sorts of reasons.  The big one for me is having something
    inside me pretty much _all the time_, probably for the rest of my
    life.  It's a really big decision.  I'm glad I did it - these past
    two months haven't been the best for me (for a variety of diabetes
    unrelated reasons) but the pump is definitely a good thing, and
    I've mostly gotten over the initial fears and it's become a part
    of my life that's allowed me flexibility I had forgotten existed.
    (One of the weirdest?  I get hungry -- after years of consistently
    regular eating, I can now eat (and do almost anything) on a more
    flexible schedule.) 

    I had similar issues 11 years ago when I was diagnosed with
    diabetes - it took me four years before I could inject myself
    without the aide of one of those mechanical contraptions.  Once I
    got over that hurdle it became part of my life and no longer an

    Being 21 your son is going through all sorts of things.  Some of
    which you know about, some of which you don't, and a whole pile of
    things you don't want to know about.  Being 21 has its ups and
    downs.  I wouldn't force him to talk to you about this - but
    that's just me not wanting to be forced to talk to my mother.  The
    other thing - if he's not sure about the pump that's perfectly
    normal.  Has he worn a CGMS?  I wore one for three days to get the
    idea of what a pump was like - and it wasn't so bad.  If your son
    is interested, he should try the pump - but don't force him into

    I don't know which pump you chose, but the MiniMed pumps have a
    return policy - you have a few days to change your mind.  My pump
    start was so smooth that there was no turning back for me - it's a
    better soltution for me.  But if he decides he hates the thing
    within the first few days (and he probably won't) - it can most
    likely be returned at minimal financial cost.

    I think I've rambled enough, and I'm not sure this makes any
    sense, but just relax and let him work through this.  Second, and
    third, and forth thoughts are completely normal.  It'll work out
    ok in the end.

-R (decloaking in a shimmer of starlight)
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