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> <<Am I being too much of a over-protective mom here.  I can't 
> talk to him right now because he has gone off to work and there is no way 
> to 
> contact him.  Can anyone please give me some feedback.  Thank you all so 
> much.   Judy>>

Hi Judy,
     No, I don't think you are being over-protective and I think that almost 
Everyone needs their Mums forever.  When they are physically gone, we still 
miss them. 
     I wanted a pump for my little girl so badly.  We moved back to Canada 
from the UK just so she could get one.  Once back here it still took me 
almost 8 months to get her started--finding a doctor willing, waiting for 
appointments and me pressing to get going immediately.  Still, when the time 
came, I was scared.  Change in insulin regimes is a scary sort of thing.  
     I'm sure that your son feels that same way, but I bet that he gets over 
it really quickly!  Give him lots of support and keep reading here for lots 
of useful tips.  If/when small problems crop up, someone here will have a 
good solution.  

Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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