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Re: [IP] Help

Judy - you don't stop being a mom when he's 21 - or 33 has my daughter is.  
If he was in his teens - 13-16, I'd' be more worried - that's usually when 
they do the really crazy things.  I'm sure he is very worred. Both my 
daughter & g-daughter (age 7) started the pump on the same day in July.  They 
both LOVE it.  Tell him 95% of the people on this list and 
email @ redacted (by the way - are you on that list) - LOVE 
the pump. Tell him he can sleep late, eat just about what and when he wants 
to - it's very, very liberating.  Maybe he fears being intimate (you say he 
has a girlfriend) with the pump.  There was a thread either on this list or 
the other one I mentioned about being intimate - you can take the darn thing 
off for a period of time - like 30 min. to an hour - maybe longer, I don't 
know.  I know about the guilt.   When I conceived my daughter, I had no idea 
TYpe I was on my husband's side of the family.  My daughter, however, was 
dx'd at 13 months of age and she went ahead and had children -one of which is 
Type I now, so she did know - but that's a whole other story.  Anyway, I hope 
things work out for you and your son.  Hang in there - be supportive - tell 
him it's almost unheard of for someone who has started on the pump to go back 
to injections - as someone told me when my daughter started on the pump and I 
feared she wouldn't stay with it - "It's just not done".  Good luck.  Let us 
know how things go.   

Tammy, Mom to Joely (dx'd 1970); g-ma to Emma, homeschooled,  (dx'd 9-15-01)  
Animas pumpers  7-18-02, g-ma to Nick non-d & homeschooled,  mom to Troy 
(non-d)) 16 yo .
n a message dated 9/5/02 3:11:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I usually just lurk in the background reading a few emails here and there, 
> BUT today I had to write to you all.  I'm not on the pump, but I joined 
> this 
> group because my son was showing an interest in getting one.  He went to 
> the 
> doctor, after one visit the doctor set him up with a "pump person", he's 
> been 
> to his "carb class" and tomorrow he is suppose to meet someone for his 
> first 
> initial pump instruction and hook up.  Today I came home to find this 
> message 
> on his "Away message" for his IM.
> "Scared as hell and all everyone can say to me is you have to do it or the 
> insurance company will be pi**ed, you a** you can eat whatever you want, 
> stop 
> worrying."
> I know it's a little cryptic, but that's how he talks.  I know I'm probably 
> being a little too freaked out by this.  My son is 21 and recently has had 
> problems with his girlfriend and I don't know if this is a continuation and 
> everything will be fine tomorrow, but have any of you had second thoughts 
> about getting the pump once you signed up for it.  I also will probably 
> will 
> hear from a few of you that he is 21 and let him be, but I have lived with 
> the guilt of him having diabetes forever and you always want a happy and 
> healthy life for your children.  It's just so disheartening to read this on 
> my computer.  Lately he hasn't talked to me much, he never really was the 
> talkative type.  Am I being too much of a over-protective mom here.  I 
> can't 
> talk to him right now because he has gone off to work and there is no way to
> contact him.  Can anyone please give me some feedback.  Thank you all so 
> much.   Judy

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