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[IP] I'm so glad.....

I just want to let you all know that i'm so glad I was FINALLY able to
purchase the book "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh..It is an excellent book..
and I'd recommend it to everyone thinking of or starting pumping. Anyway the
reason so far it has helped us is THE UNUSED INSULIN RULE!!.. We were NOT told
about this in our pump training and after 1 month of pumping I know realize
that someting bad could've happened.. Number one is Heather is really bad
about checking her blood sugar 2 hrs after she eats (she does this about half
the time) and if her blood sugar is still high higher then it was before she
ate.. she does a correction bolus and may or may not eat at the same time..
now what scares me is that after I looked at the chart and realized that hey..
she still has insulin working in her.. I got really scared because I just knew
that she could've went really low and I couldn't handle that... I can't
believe they didnt go over that in our pump training.. oh well I guess we were
lucky. Anyway. .just had to share and vent lol.. Now the next thing we need to
do is get Heathers basal units set right.. I'm about ready to pull my hair out
over this one.. you'd think after a month of pumping her numbers would be
better but they are not and when we called her numbers in to endo all she did
was lower her carb to insulin ratio from 15 to 12 and told her to bolus before
she ate.. now to me that is stupid because once again if she decides halfway
through the meal not to eat it all..she's bolused for it and has to eat
something else so she doesnt go low.. So thanks to the book WHEN we get to the
point that Heathers blood sugar is between 100 and 150 either before a meal or
bedtime I'll follow the chart to check her blood sugars and determine her
correct basals.. Please keep me in your thoughts as we hopefully get to the
point that we can get them done..
mom to Heather 13, dxd 11/2/01 pumping Animas 8/1/02
Brian (6) Matthew (4) and hubby Bill in MO
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